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In preparation for the fast approaching, fall hunting season, we have some useful information to help you with your travel plans. We want your hunting experience with Pine Mountain Outfitters, to be as pleasant and seemless as possible.  We will be leaving home in Montana in late August, and will be with the entire hunting team through the end of September, in Saskatchewan.
The contact information found on our website will be your primary contact points via phone and email.  Once you are in camp, cell phone coverage is not available.  Should your family need to reach you while you are out of coverage, they may leave a message with our camp cook/lodge.
(August 30-September 30 ONLY) That number is (306) 845-2945.  EMERGENCY ONLY NUMBER: (306)845-7818.
Please read the following information and feel free to contact us with any additional questions or conerns you may have.  We look forward to meeting you, and helping make your elk hunt dreams come true!!!

Joe Hardesty


GUNS IN CANADA: As of September 2001, you must now register your guns at your port of entry into Canada.  There is a fee of 25CAD (approximately $19.00 USD). You can print the forms from our quick links tab. PLEASE NOTE: These forms MUST be signed in front of a Canadian Customs agent, do not pre sign, or it will be invalid.

HUNTING LICENSE: All license information needed will be provided to you by us, in the form of a wildlife export permit, at the end of your hunt.  The documentation you recieve will be inclusive of any animal you may have harvested.

LODGING AND MEALS: You and your hunting group, if applicable, along with myself and the hunting team will all stay in camp together.  Camp environment is rustic and primitive, yet very comfortable.  No running water or power in the cabins, means we utilize propane, generators and outhouses.  There is a shower house with hot running water available for you to use. Each cabin in camp sleeps 4 people; couples will have thier own. 
Our cabin accomodations are very warm, clean dry and comfortable.  
Each client joining us in camp will need to bring: 1 towel, 1 wash cloth, 1 sleeping bag (your favorite warm weather bag will be perfect) and 1 pillowcase (pillows provided). All meals are provided by us. Please let us know in advance of any special dietary needs or allergies.

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: Alcohol consumption is permitted in moderation.  Excessive drinking will not be tolerated, for reasons including but not limited to safety.  The use of drugs is strictly prohibited.

TRAVEL: 1. If you are driving up, see map located on quick links and forms tab.
2. If you are flying up via private plane, fly into Lloyd Minster.  There is private plane service and fuel at Lloyd Minster.  There is full jet service and plenty of runway for any size plane.
3.  If you are flying commercial, you should fly into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or Edmonton, Alberta rent a car and drive to camp see map on quick links and forms tab.          It is a 2 hour drive from Saskatoon and a 3 to 3 ½ hour drive from Edmonton.  I suggest getting your tickets as early as possible.

NON HUNTERS: Unless discussed during booking, we charge $250.00 flat rate. We will go out of our way to include them is as much of the hunt as they desire.  Non hunters may at any time join in on the fun and collect an animal of choice if they desire.  Note: We welcome your non hunting companions; however we must know in advance if they are coming, for planning of bed space, meals, etc, otherwise we may not have room for them.   



MEAT:  Stoney Lake Meat Cutting handles all our meat cutting and wrapping.  Contact them directly in advance of your hunt.  All of the meat from your animals is yours.  However due to U.S. Border regulations we can not ship meat.  We have a waiting list of local people who are delighted to come and pick up any unwanted meat.  None will go to waste!  If you are driving I suggest you bring some large Coleman coolers.  Coolers also work well if you are flying and want only part of the meat.  Be sure to bring a cooler with you as they are hard to come by up there.  We are not a butcher shop; we do not have the facilities or time to be butchering animals.  All elk meat must be cut, wrapped, and frozen to leave Canada unless driving.  If you are driving and bring coolers or freezers we can quarter your animal in our shop.

Stoney Lake Meat Cutting must know from YOU that you want meat.  All meat orders must go through them A price list and list of products available  can be found o the quick links and forms tab. All questions concerning meat must be directed to them.
Phone # 306-342-4229 cell / 306-830-0523  

TROPHIES: Our primary goal is to get your expensive trophies to you in excellent condition.  All capes will be skinned off, cooled, and then frozen.  There will not be enough time to allow for fleshing, turning lips, ears and salting for your immediate departure.  Airplane cargo space is too limited for large elk racks etc.  All wildlife parts must be declared and cleared through customs at your port of clearance.  Horns and skins are sometimes damaged or lost on commercial airlines.

Considering all of the above, I strongly reccomend the following for the handling of your trophies:
Atcheson Taxidermy will be on site to care for your trophies. Established 1951, Atcheson Taxidermy is one of the world’s oldest & largest taxidermy companies.  They are Internationally Renowned for Museum Quality Taxidermy, honesty, reliability and prompt service.  A standard they live up to every day!
All trophies left in the care of Atcheson Taxidermy will be fleshed, salt dried, and skulls boiled.  They will drive all trophies to the border and personally clear customs, agriculture and US Fish and Wildlife with the assistance of a commercial broker.  The trophies at that point can be mounted by Atcheson Taxidermy or shipped on to any place you desire. See attached brochure and rate sheet for cost to expedite trophies out of Canada and on to you and/or the charges for Atchesons to mount and ship trophies to you.
Atcheson Taxidermy is owned and operated by Tom Hardesty and his sons.  Atchesons has done countless mounts for our clients.  Call Tom, explain your connection with Pine Mountain Outfitters, you will find Tom and his sons to be very personable, helpful and professional.  Atcheson Taxidermy, Attention: Tom Hardesty Sr. 406-782-0569.  Tom passes on his 65-75% freight discount with Con-Way, Fed-Ex and Yellow Freight to you. 
Note: If you are driving up and are planning to haul back your trophies, bring along extra coolers for your frozen capes to keep them frozen.  With proper export papers from us you will not encounter any problems at the border going home.
CLOTHING: Expect moderate fall weather and bring medium warmth gear.  We normally do not encounter extreme winter weather in September.  We are never far from a shelter and will not be staying out for any great length of time.  We are not bothered by bugs.  A huntable rain suit might be handy in case we are caught in a shower.

ADDITIONAL ANIMALS: Elk is the primary objective on most hunts.  We want each client to collect the Trophy Bull Elk of their choice and dreams.  After the clients have their elk they may desire to hunt for additional animals. (Please see the enclosed list complete with pricing for each species). No additional days are needed for additional animals.

PAYMENT: Unless noted, all prices are in U.S. funds.  Unless prior arrangements are discussed, payment of all additional animals and/or non hunters will be due at the end of each hunt.

Thank you once again for your interest in Pine Mountain Outfitters.
We sincerely look forward to hunting with each of you this fall!!